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Dr. Talitha LeFlouria

Historians Against Slavery board member Talitha LeFlouria, along with Daina Ramey Berry, wrote a short piece in the Washington Post exposing “Five Myths about Slavery.” Berry and LeFlouria chronicle the origins of Africans in the Americas prior to 1619, the abuses of enslaved domestic laborers, the role of northern as well as women enslavers, and the endurance of enslaving after emancipation.



Dr. James Brewer Stewart

James Brewer Stewart, the founder of Historians Against Slavery, criticized the historians who have attacked the New York Times’ 1619 Project for the History News Network. Stewart claims that the critics of the project have “squandered the “teachable moment” that the Project itself intended to create. Instead, these scholars appointed themselves gatekeepers charged with the heavy enforcement of their personal versions of high academic “standards.””



Dr. Ben Wright

Finally, Historians Against Slavery board member Ben Wright drew on his forthcoming book Bonds of Salvation: How Christianity Inspired and Limited American Abolitionism (LSU 2020) to reflect on the contemporary lessons regarding modern slavery and American Christianity. Wright argues that contemporary evangelicals struggle to understand and respond to modern slavery due to theological tensions between conversion and purification, a hesitance to criticize global capitalism, and a preoccupation with the politics of sexuality.

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