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The African American Struggle for Justice and the Challenge of Slavery in the 21st Century


On March 6,7,and 8, 2017 Tougaloo will host a path breaking (seriously!) conference in collaboration with Historians Against Slavery and funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Click Here for Conference Draft (PDF)

This conference brings together highly accomplished academicians, serious activists, and highly engaged student leaders for three days of deliberation designed to establish Tougaloo College’s Institute of Modern Slavery and Antislavery Studies

This Institute is charged with developing innovative programs of research, teaching, and community engagement that address the closely-linked challenges of the “new” global slavery and the oppressive practices passed onto us by the legacies of the “old” plantation slavery.
The format is largely discussion.If you attend, you will be heard.

The task at hand is problem solving and agenda setting that designs and initiates the development of the institute.

The strategy is to develop effective responses to 21st century enslavement in all its forms through our historical and contemporary knowledge of the African American struggle for freedom, justice, and equality.

The goal is to design an Institute of Modern Antislavery Studies that enhances Tougaloo’s mission in liberal arts education, gives 21st century meaning to the college’s deep roots in the African American struggle, and makes it a major center of antislavery scholarship, pedagogy, and public policy.

PLEASE CONTACT srozman@tougaloo.edu ASAP to get information about conference program and hotel reservations.

The nearby Drury Inn offers a reduced $94.00 per night rate, but rooms are going fast. If you call Drury to reserve a room, mention the “Tougaloo rate”